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Unique, Soft, Flavorful, Alcohol-Infused Cookies Delivered
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These are not your Mama's cookies.  Our Boozy Balls are made with liquors from around the world and retain their full liquor punch and flavor. We've added the finest ingredients like fresh roasted walnuts, almonds and pecans as well as ingredients such as toffee, blueberries and coconut. These are great for your next holiday or cocktail party, hostess gift, game night, birthday, anniversary or just to satisfy your sweet boozy craving.

Rum Balls With Ginger Snaps

“Out of town company said they were Absolutely Delicious.” 

Karen L.



Our rum balls and bourbon balls and other boozy cookies started the same way your grandmother’s rum balls and bourbon balls started. Your grandmother's cookies are, of course, wonderful in their own right. But we have done the research and taste tested our cookies extensively, resulting in the best liquor infused cookies in the US (really, the world). Our boozy cookies are not for the faint of heart and are intended for those with a discerning taste. They are the cookies that bite back, leaving you wanting more.  Boozy Ball Cookies take rum balls and bourbon balls to the next level. We take traditional and fresh new cookie flavors and kick them up a notch to give you a totally new cookie experience. While traditional bourbon balls are sweet and delicious, you now have a choice of Maple Walnut Bourbon balls or Chocolate Peanut Bourbon Balls. When it comes to rum balls, you can choose between Toasted Coconut Rum Balls and Gingersnap Spiced Rum Balls. These are just a few of our flavors. For the more adventurous, we also have Vodka balls, Coffee Liqueur balls, Gin balls, Brandy balls, Tequila balls and Whiskey balls. These boozy cookies are a delightful addition to your favorite cocktail, and are especially good with a cup of coffee or glass of milk. Liquor infused cookies carry the very best flavor from their particular liquor as well as the premium ingredients from which they are made. 


That’s why they are great party appetizers. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, anniversary or birthday, they’re a great way to break the ice at your next party. Not only do they get the party started, they provide something unique for your guest to talk about. At your wedding, while you and the bridal party are being photographed, your guests can be sampling the many Boozy Ball Cookie favors while getting to know each other and talking about these unique liquor infused cookies.  Great party appetizers, boozy cookies can be used to start off a party, end a party or even be a take-home treat for your guests. Looking for something unique and different? How about a Boozy Ball appetizer table at your next celebration.


Searching for a great food gift that’s more than just your Momma’s cookie? Boozy Ball liquor-infused cookies will tell that special someone you went above and beyond in your search. Can’t decide which one to get? Sign your friend up for a cookie subscription.  It’s a gift your favorite foodie will love.  Perhaps it’s just you.  You’re sitting down to read or do that extra hard jigsaw puzzle.  Try our liquor infused cookies with your favorite coffee, drink or even just a glass of milk, delicious.