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Boozy ball cookies

Behind the Balls


We believe that every bite should count. We offer a unique treat that your run-of-the-mill cookie can’t.  Boozy Ball Cookies brings cookies to a whole new level.  We’ve worked tirelessly to develop unique and tantalizing boozy treats, made with the freshest ingredients and care.  We’ve combined beloved old-fashioned and new unique cookies with liquors from around the world to develop cookies with tastes from the comforting chocolate chip to the exotic toasted coconut or margarita ball.

​We've combined some of your favorite cookie recipes and them infused them with some of your favorite booze to bring you the best!  Each cookie is carefully prepared and rolled into a mouth-watering bite.  The booze is infused after the bake so you get the full experience of the boozy bite. The double wham of a delicious cookie and your favorite liquor gives our cookies a sophistication that will keep you coming back, time after time.  They leave you craving more.

Variety Strip 2.jpg


We are a Veteran Owned, Woman Owned Premium Cookie Company

Boozy Ball Cookies started off in the kitchen of Kerry and David Christensen’s New Braunfels Texas home. Kerry (our resident sculptor -- ) is the creator and owner of our amazing cookie company.  She is a sweet obsessed, self-proclaimed cookie lover from Kingsville, Texas.  While at Texas A&M, Kerry backpacked her way through Europe enjoying some of the most delectable treats.  She then joined the Air Force where she traveled to Guam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Bali exposing herself to some of the world’s most exotic foods.  David is her support and marketer/shipper/kitchen hand and customer service behind the scenes guy.  He retired after 22 years in the Air Force and then taught public school for 16 years, retiring once again.  That’s when Kerry got the crazy idea of taking her Grandma's bourbon and rum balls to the next level.  She knew she could make a unique cookie melding classic treats with various liquors from around the world.  And man was she right.  It all resulted in scrumptious cookie balls that bite back! 

​If you can’t figure out which mouth-watering cookie to try, go for our variety pack.  Boozy Balls are great for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, weddings, gifts, or just to satisfy that decadent urge for something sweet with a kick.  We recommend them morning, noon and night.