Football, tailgate parties and boozy balls!

Recently our daughter Taryn and her husband Michael made their annual pilgrimage back to Aggieland, Bryan-College Station, home of Texas A&M University to see the Aggies play Kent State. We're an Aggie family, well, at least the women in the house are. I attended the University of Illinois, Champaign for my undergrad—go Fighting Illini! (I’m also a Griz--University of Montana and a Naval War College grad….well they didn’t have a name that I’m aware of). But my wife Kerry and daughter Taryn are "ring knockin'" “gig ‘em” Aggies. My wife, you see, comes from a long line of Aggies. Her Grandfather and great uncles were all Aggies, her brother Kevin is an Aggie and her mother, well, would have been an Aggie if Aggies allowed women into the University at the time. So, she had to “settle” with the University of Texas (UT) and eventually finished at Texas College of Arts and Industries (Texas A&I), which is ironic

as it later did become Texas A&M Kingsville. So, life does have its gotchas, maybe she was an Aggie after all! Texas A&M Kingsville is also where Taryn’s husband Michael went to school. Kerry’s dad and sister, however, are proud UT Longhorns. The annual A&M vs. UT Thanksgiving game was always a very exciting (tongue in cheek) time for the gathered family. Now with UT set to join the Aggies in the Southeastern Conference in 2025, the age old Thanksgiving rivalry will begin once again.

So, there they are, its Saturday morning and Taryn and Michael are off to Kyle Field to watch the Aggies take on the Golden Flashes in Kyle Stadium. Without question, football in Texas is big and football at A&M takes on an almost spiritual experience and Kyle Field is hallowed ground to Aggies.

For this particular game, the Aggies recreated their Red, White and Blue Out tribute to the heroes of September 11, 2001 when the entire stadium was divided into red, white and blue sections. The Aggies first did this on their first home game, September 22, 2001, following the attack. In 2001, 5 Aggie students organized this tribute made by the thousands of fans who attended that day.

Taryn texted me that morning to tell me their plans and I suggested they swing by the house to pick up some extra Boozy Balls that Kerry and I had made two days prior to send to an influencer whose blog we follow. Boozy Balls make a great addition to a tail gate party and as a game day snack, regardless if you’re sitting in Kyle Field (or as Aggies must do STAND the whole game—it’s the 12th man thing, another future blog post). Boozy Balls are alcohol infused treats, similar to bourbon or rum balls that are easy to carry around, you can enjoy them anywhere, you don’t have to cool them down, in fact, we suggest you bring them to room temperature, and they add a spark of fun and excitement to any occasion—like football games! Best yet, we have Boozy Balls in a variety of flavors such as Lemon Drop Gin, Chocolate Peanut Bourbon, Cranberry Pistachio Vodka, Margarita Tequila, Toasted Coconut Rum, Irish Cream, Maple Walnut Bourbon, Blueberry Lemon Vodka, Gingersnap Spiced Rum, Salted Caramel Whiskey and Espresso Coffee Liqueur Balls. Tasty alcohol infused treats and desserts handmade and rolled are perfect for your next tailgate or football party. A perfect party snack.

P.S. The Aggies beat the Golden Flash 41 to 10.

Written by: David

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