Halloween Party—Make it a Boozy Party!

Thinking a Halloween Party is in your future? Hosting a grown-up party for your friends/family is a no-brainer. Throwing a party at your place is easy. Just remember a successful party means people are mingling, dancing, refilling their glasses, and (best of all) enjoying some really easy tasty treats. Here are some simple steps to take that are easy to pull off and sure to cast a spell.


Even for your casual party (formal Halloween party?), invitations can really help. They put everyone on notice that costumes are definitely a plus for your party. The invites also let your guests know all the important party details. Using a digital service like Facebook event invites works well. If you are more tech-savvy check out Paperless Post, Punchbowl, or Evite.


Decorations have always been a favorite for us! We really enjoy being creative for Halloween and imagination is key. People love to be scared! But the unusual or unexpected is especially great for Halloween. Using black plastic drop cloths (Lowes) and inexpensive LED Halloween lights (reds, soft oranges, and purples) add to the dark ambiance of the room. If you can, strobe lights and fog machines are an awesome addition. Cobwebs and spiders are always a fav for creeping people out. Cheap props and rubber masks (think Dollar Store, Dollar General) stuffed with fluff to fill them out and placed on some old stuffed clothes make for some ghoulish characters “hanging around” your party. There are also Halloween backdrops like this at Amazon or this one from Wish.


Food at your party can follow your Halloween theme such as a severed hand floating in your Ghoulish Punch bowl (check out this video) or “mummy dogs”, mini sausages wrapped in strips of dough. Standard party favorites like a taco or nachos bar, mac-n-cheese, or the classic cheese and meat plate and also, anything served from a slow cooker is an

easy and fast way to prepare snacks for your guests (think cheesy nachos or BBQ smokeys). But most important, don’t forget the treats! Candies and snack cakes go over big but if you really want to “spice” up your party think—Boozy Balls! You can order several of your favorites and cut them up to serve with toothpicks or order several Boozy Ball Variety Packs! That way your guests will be able to sample a variety of these alcohol-infused treats!


Keep it simple! Margaritas (frozen or on the rocks), rum and cokes, maybe some easily prepared tequila or rum Jello shots. And don’t forget the punch (where else are you going to put that ghoulish floating hand). Throw in some dry ice for a witchy effect! Also have on hand the essentials: vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, and gin along with lots of ice and classic mixers (cola, soda water, tonic, ginger ale, cranberry, and orange juice) and maybe some garnishes like sliced lemons, limes, oranges, and maraschino cherries.


Besides just having some good loud music, let guests know beforehand that there will be a costume party for the goriest, silliest, and/or cleverest getup. If you have some crafty friends, set up an area for mini pumpkin carving/decorating with paints and bling to glue on. Also, if you do have a backdrop, that would be great for a photo op area for guests.

Halloween parties are probably at the top of the list of best parties to host all year. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide a fun and creative outlet for your friends and family to get together and enjoy a unique time of the year. Who knows, maybe you just might start a yearly tradition that friends and family will look forward to for years to come!

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