Not Your Grandmas Rum Balls!

Boozy Ball Cookies—A Modern Take on a Boozy Treat, Snack and Dessert. It all started with a rum ball. They've been around for a long time and if you’ve ever had a rum ball, you probably enjoyed a chocolatey confection ball, rolled in in some sort of sprinkle (usually chocolate) or powdered sugar then infused with the tropical taste of goo ole rum. It most likely remined you of a soft piece of rum flavored chocolate candy. Maybe it was about the size of a marble, maybe bigger. Usually, these delectable treats were only rolled out during the holidays, and you enjoyed a few of these rich sweet morsels when you went to grandmas to visit. Maybe someone cooked up a batch for the annual holiday party or brought them as a side to enjoy before Thanksgiving dinner. Bourbon balls are about the same type treat except of course for the bourbon which gave them a more sinfully tasting twist. Well, hold on for something new (is that possible today? —of course)! Boozy Ball Cookies started in the home of Kerry and David Christensen in the winter of 2021 as David neared retirement from his public-school teaching gig. Kerry the ever-prevalent artist that she is (check it out was the mastermind and creative genius behind the plan to take Grandma’s rum ball to a whole new level.

Mixing traditionally flavored fan favorite cookies and pairing them with just the right boozy flavor, Kerry came up with a cookie that is sure to please and guaranteed to keep you wanting more. Boozy Ball Cookies are a soft and tender bite that come in a wide variety of flavors and combinations. Next, she assembled a loyal group of neighbors to become our official taste testers, and began perfecting her first string of deliciously concocted boozy treats and desserts incorporating their valuable insights and feedback. What they eventually came up with was our first line of boozy treats and desserts that we offer on sale through our website. Boozy Ball Cookies are ideal for an everyday snack or treat. They are a unique way of gifting that special someone. A boozy gift of awesome tasting cookies screams that you searched high and low and did not settle for just another run-of-the-mill gooey cookie.

We think they are also a terrific addition to game nights, movie nights, parties or holiday gatherings. They are an exciting way to kick off any party or event and a great icebreaker. These boozy treats bring snacking to whole new level. Our daughter Taryn and her husband recently brought some to a Texas A&M game where they enjoyed them as they watched the Aggies defeat the Fresno State Golden Flash. They make a unique and gourmet boozy treat and a great addition to an office, birthday or holiday party or as a buffet appetizer at a wedding reception—let’s talk celebrate!

Written by: David

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