The Making of A Cookie Company

Boozy Ball Cookies—a boozy treat great for desserts, party snacks, and unique gourmet gifts—had our Grand Opening on September 15. What a milestone for our small New Braunfels Texas cookie company! This was a dream come true for both of us. Kerry is the mastermind behind this exciting adventure. She is an organizational genius, process-oriented, and (not least of all) a very creative entrepreneur, and oh yeah, she’s the CEO. Kerry and I both met in the Air Force while we both were stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana—Big Sky Country…God’s Country! We’re both proud veterans today. Kerry separated shortly before we married, and I continued and retired after 21 plus years. Kerry went on to get a fine arts degree and opened a studio as a sculptor ( and raised our two kids. I went to teach High School history for the next 16 years. As my teaching gig was nearing an end, Kerry began tossing around the idea of starting our own business. But what would that be? Combining her creative streak and entrepreneurial skills along with both of our love of cooking—bingo! Boozy Ball Cookies was born. Kerry has always had a love for boozy desserts and felt that cookies have gotten the short shrift. Besides bourbon and rum balls there seemed to be a shortage of fun, boozy cookies. We felt we could fill the void. Our goal was to create a product that not only tasted great but would be fun to have and serve at gatherings where friends and family come together (plus it didn’t hurt that we couldn’t find a business like ours)!

As we start this adventure, we are renting space in a commercial kitchen to prepare, make and package your

cookies. On Grand Opening Day, our first time in the commercial kitchen, it was nothing but, well, an adventure! We learned tons about the commercial process of creating these delectable delights for you. Leave it to say, we were exhausted the next day, but we fulfilled all our initial orders with joy and satisfaction. We are excited to continue this new tradition of creating these remarkable boozy treats for you! Think of serving these delicious boozy desserts at your next party or holiday gathering. They are a great way to start the party (as well as keeping it going) and we know your guests will want to know how to get their hands on this tasty treat.

Boozy Ball Cookies are a sweet, alcohol-infused dessert or party snack for the adventure seeker who is searching for a unique bite to satisfy their very discerning tastes. When it comes to boozy cookies our product line doesn’t end with the traditional rum balls or bourbon balls. We use a wide variety of flavors and liqueurs in creating a tasty snack treat especially for you. Each cookie is hand-rolled and prepared for your order and we are confident that our Boozy Ball Cookies will exceed your expectations when served at your next party or event. Give them as a boozy gift to the foodie in your life (that could be you)! We are so proud of our product, and we are confident they will exceed your expectations.

Written by: David

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