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We share commercial kitchen space so our orders are made on Sundays and mailed on Mondays.

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our boozy balls are made with tree nuts, peanuts, chocolate, coconut and wheat.  they are also made in a commercial kitchen where other food is prepared that may cause allergies, such as milk, seafood, eggs and soy.


Our great boozy desserts include your favorite liquor-inspired flavors such as spiced ginger rum balls, chocolate chip coffee liqueur balls, maple walnut bourbon balls, and oatmeal brandy balls. These liquor-infused cookies use the very best spirits and combine them with the highest quality cookie ingredients to make great boozy desserts. Our boozy desserts include a spiced ginger rum ball, called the Gingersnap Spiced Boozy Ball. It combines the warmth and spice of a gingersnap cookie with toasted walnuts and infuses it with Caribbean spiced rum making it one spicy little treat. Our chocolate Coffee Liqueur balls, called the Chocolate Chip Coffee Liqueur Boozy Ball, use Coffee Liqueur and rich chocolate chips to make a sweet coffee flavored chocolate chip cookie because coffee and chocolate always go together. Our maple bourbon balls, called the Maple Walnut Bourbon Boozy Ball, take the warm flavors of 100 proof Kentucky straight bourbon and toasted walnuts and combine them with pure maple flavoring to create the perfect fall treat. Our espresso coffee liqueur cookie balls, called the Espresso Coffee Liqueur Boozy Ball, take coffee liqueur, a touch of amber Jamaican dark rum, and add the perfect amount of espresso to create an amped up cookie with enough kick for an afternoon snack. Our brandy ball cookies, called the Oatmeal Raisin Brandy Boozy Ball, takes the old-fashioned oatmeal raisin cookie, adds walnuts and smooth amber brandy for a warm but spunky take on an old favorite. We have even more great boozy desserts that Include our Irish Cream Boozy Balls, Toasted Coconut Rum Boozy Balls, Salted Caramel Whiskey Boozy Balls, Blueberry Lemon Vodka Boozy Balls, Margarita Tequila Boozy Balls, Cranberry Pistachio Vodka Boozy Balls, and Chocolate Peanut Bourbon Boozy Balls.


Our Irish Cream Boozy Ball takes rich and delicious Irish cream and pairs it with toasted almonds along with some genuine Irish whiskey to make a ball that satisfies that particular indulgent taste. Toasted Coconut Rum Boozy Balls are a tropical treat that starts with delicious toasted coconut, roasted pecans, and premium Jamaican dark rum all rolled in a toasted coconut layer to create a great refreshing treat.  Our Salted Caramel Whiskey Boozy Ball uses an Irish Whiskey from Ireland’s oldest licensed distillery, rich caramel and adds roasted pecans and just a hint of sea salt to entice your palate. The Blueberry Lemon Vodka Boozy Ball is a fruity, citrusy treat. It combines premium dried blueberries, toasted almonds, pure lemon flavoring and a smooth pure Polish Vodka. The Margarita Tequila Boozy Ball takes lime, orange liqueur and premium 100% Mexican de agave white Tequila to bring you that sweet, south of the border concoction in a cookie. Our Cranberry Pistachio Vodka Boozy Ball takes Polish vodka and adds premium roasted pistachios with sweet dried cranberries, lightly rolled in crystal sugar to create a sweet yet slightly tart cookie infused with refreshing taste of vodka. The Lemon Drop Gin Boozy Ball is a refreshing cookie that combines lemon drops and fruity gin to make a boozy ball reminiscent of spiked lemonade. The Chocolate Peanut Bourbon Boozy Ball takes our favorite candy bar combo, deliciously rich chocolate paired with roasted peanuts and adds a kick of Kentucky Bourbon. Our Boozy Ball cookies will satisfy your boozy dessert needs!